Visa information

Who requires a visa?
Whether you require a visa depends on your nationality and how long you intend to stay in The Netherlands.

For up to date information, visit the website:
This website gives information including a review of the countries whose nationals need a visa for a stay of less than three months, and all needed procedures.
For Chinese or Russion guests Visa information can be downloaded in local language.

Who deals with visa applications?
The Aliens and Visas Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague deals with visa applications sent by embassies for decisions on stays of up to 90 days for the purposes as conducting business, attending a conference or seminar.

Where to apply for a visa?
You can apply for a visa at the Dutch embassy (consulate) in the country where you live. You can also apply for a visa at a mission of another Schengen country representing the Netherlands in the country where you live. This Schengen visa is valid for a stay of 90 days.

How to apply for a visa?
The first step is to complete a visa application via the link “Visa” in the above mentioned website. You should then go to the Diplomatic embassy, taking the completed and signed application form including the required supporting documents and passport photo(s). The number and type of supporting documents to be enclosed will depend on the circumstances in the country where you are applying and the nature of the visa application. You can obtain more information from the Diplomatic embassy where you submit your application or from the above mentioned website.

Letter of Invitation for Visa
Supporting documents amongst others, often a Letter of Invitation is required. On your request Stamicarbon can provide this Letter of Invitation. To prepare this Letter you have to send an email to Pauwels Congress Organisers (PCO): The Congress Organisation will contact you for the required information.